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Finnish for Working Life (5 op)

Toteutuksen tunnus: R0085-3015

Toteutuksen perustiedot


22.05.2023 - 21.08.2023


01.08.2023 - 31.12.2023


5 op




Laurea Tikkurila, sote


Laurea Tikkurila


  • Englanti


20 - 40


  • Degree Programme in Social Services (SWV), Laurea Tikkurila


  • Saara Laakso


Saara Laakso


  • SNV221SN
    Degree Programme in Nursing, daytime studies, S21, Tikkurila
  • SWV222SN
    Degree Programme in Social Services, daytime studies, S22, Tikkurila


The student is able to:
- write a CV in Finnish
- apply for a job
- be interviewed for a job
- present their workplace
- write work-related emails
- understand and use general work vocabulary


Online lessons, contact lessons, independent tasks and group work or according to a personal study plan (see prerequisites below).

Oppimateriaali ja suositeltava kirjallisuus

Learning materials are mostly authentic documents of the fields of social services and health care. Materials will be mainly provided by the teacher and shared via Canvas. Some materials are expected to be retrieved by the students attending the course.

Toteutuksen valinnaiset suoritustavat

In case the student has already shown Finnish skills of level B1.1-B1.2 it is possible to complete the course by written and oral assignments.

Toteutuksen tärkeät päivämäärät

Please attend the course orientation to ensure your place on the course. Course portfolio return dl 3rd November 2023.

Kansainvälisyys toteutuksella

The course is aimed at international students.

Opiskelijan ajankäyttö ja kuormitus

5 cr. equals 135 hours of student's work. This consists of independent and group work, contact lessons and six assignments to be completed during the course.

Sisältö ja sen jaksotus

The aim of the course is to provide skills of searching for a job or a place of working practise and succeeding in getting the place. Each week of the course will deal with different area of job seeking:
1) Olen hyvä tyyppi! Telling about your personality and skills.
2) Palvelukseen halutaan... Understanding the expectations of the employers.
3) Paperit kuntoon! Getting the documents ready for job search.
4) Unelmien työpaikka. Describing a work environment of your dreams. Stating your opinion.
5) Haastattelu tulossa! Getting ready for an interview.
6) Sinulle on uusi viesti! Phoning and e-mailing at work.

Mandatory attendance 75% of the lessons.

Lisätietoja opiskelijoille

If you are a Degree student of Social Services, this course will compensate the mandatory studies of Swedish.



Arviointimenetelmät ja arvioinnin perusteet

You will show your skills of working life Finnish by compiling a portfolio of the documents you have produced during the course. The course grade will be the average of your oral performance (assignments) and you written documents in the portfolio.

Hylätty (0)

The students fails to return the portfolio or neglects the oral assignments. The same applies also in case more than half of the written or oral assignments fail to meet the criteria of the each task.