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Innovation (5 cr)

Code: HY00BS63-3004

General information


03.04.2023 - 31.05.2023


01.06.2023 - 15.08.2023

Number of ECTS credits allocated

5 op

Virtual proportion

5 op

RDI proportion

5 op

Mode of delivery

Distance learning


Korkeakouluyksikkö D /YAMK


Laurea Virtual Campus

Teaching languages

  • English


41 - 100

Degree programmes

  • Complementary competence, master’s studies in English (CYJ2), Generic studies
  • Complementary competence, Master’s studies (TYJ), Generic Studies


  • Ville Saarikoski

Teacher in charge

Ville Saarikoski

Scheduling groups

  • Avoin AMK 1 (Size: 15. Open UAS: 15.)


  • CYJ23KJ
    Complementary competence (master’s studies in English), K23, Generic studies
  • TYJ23KJ
    Täydentävä osaaminen (yamk-tutkinto), K23, yhteiset opinnot

Small groups

  • 1

Learning outcomes

The student is able to
- have an understanding on what we know about innovation and why it is important to society (familiarizing with literature)
- master some of the skills needed to be an active player in an innovation process and team (innovation as a process)
- be aware of the role of methods in idea creation (methods of innovation)
- be able to host and facilitate an idea creation process (leading innovation)
- master some of the tools of an innovator (personal creativity)

Teaching methods

Online course, flexible time

The student will undertake an innovation journey. This can either be a journey which has already happened or one which is planned or imagined to happen.

The student will be guided by literature to note different aspects of the journey e.g the process view to innovation, methods of personal and group creativity, the role of networks in innovation, the role of theory in predicting where to innovate. etc
The student will write an essay reflecting on this experience.

During the course the student will be able to communicate with other course participants through the online platform.

Location and time

On the Laurea online learning platform

Learning materials and recommended literature

The material will be available on the online platform

Background literature for your reference

1. or the book Gamestorming - A Rulebook for Innovators, Rulebrakers, and Changemakers 2010
2. The Innovator´s Toolkit, Silverstein David, Sanuel Philip, DeCarlo Neil, 2009
1. The Innovation Journey, Andrew Van De Ven, Douglas E Polley, Raghu Garud, Sankaran Venkataraman 2008
1. The Oxford Handbook on Innovation, Jan Fagerberg, David c. Mowery, Richard R. Nelson 2005
2. Diffusion of Innovations, Rogers M. Everett, fifth edition 2003

The course will contain references to a broader set of literature and articles

Important dates

The course will be available online 1.6
Depending on the number of students and request from the students a Q & A session for discussion with the teacher can be arranged on the zoom platform. The course has been planned as independent of both time and place.
The course will end by 15.8 after which the returned assignments will be graded.

Grading scale