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General information about curricula

The learning outcomes of the degree are described in the curriculum. Laurea offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes, professional specialisation education, and other education. Each student group has its own curriculum.

The curriculum is a tool of planning the studies and teaching for the student and the teacher. It is used as the basis of the PSP, i.e. the personal study plan, and the implementation plan for each study unit and project.

The curriculum depicts the development of the student’s competence towards expertise in their field. Possible appendices to the curriculum depict the structure and method of completion of the studies, for example.

The curricula of degree programmes and the student’s PSP

Please note that available complementary competence studies are presented in separate complementary competence curricula for each academic year. Any changes made to the study units are not updated into group-specific curricula of the degree programme.

For the most part, the student is responsible for updating changed study units to their PSP. Please check that the code of the study unit in the curriculum and your PSP match.

Upcoming studies are presented in the curriculum

The study offering for degree programmes is planned so that a preliminary study offering for the following year is published at the beginning of September.

The implementation plans are completed by the teachers so that they are available about two weeks before enrolment for the implementation begins. The implementation plans of study units describe the method of completion of the study unit in more detail, such as detailed contents, evaluation criteria and methods, schedule, and the language of instruction.

Selected Studies help you to view the study offering

Selected Studies are used for example to compile Laurea’s summer studies as well as late spring and late autumn implementations. You can also find an overview of MOOCs (massive open online courses) which can often be completed at your pace and enrolment is open continuously.



How to navigate

Please note that the curriculum of a specific group can either be under campus-specific curricula or Laurea’s common curricula.


Checklist for planning your studies

1. Get to know the curriculum.

2. Always keep your PSP up to date and schedule the studies you wish to take.

3. When it’s time to enrol, use the Timetable Engine to check the study offering and the implementation plan and schedule of the study unit.

4. Enrol.