Post-enrolment for studies in spring 2021 (studies in English)


Sisällön valinnaisuus

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Available study units, in which there are still free study places, will be opened again for post-enrolment during the week which starts on Monday 30th November. The post-enrolment period is study specific. The students will be accepted to the study unit according to the enrolment order and taking prerequisities into account latest before the study unit/project starts. Please check the amount of students who have enrolled to the implementation and the maximum ammount to conclude whether there are still places left.

See the studies implemented in Finnish in another study offering called "Post-enrolment for studies in spring 2021 (studies in Finnish) ".

V1533 Advanced Finnish 5 op
R0261 Basics of Swedish 5 op
R0344 Business Control 10 op
R0355 Capital Budgeting 5 op
TO00BR83 Chronic Diseases Guidance Among Immigrants in Finland 5 op
V1609 Decision-Making in Acute Nursing Care 10 op
R0078 Effective Spoken Communication in English 5 op
TO00BS02 Intercultural Learning in Nursing during a Covid Pandemic 5 op
R0234 Professional Communication Skills 5 op
TO00BN75 Riskienhallinta ja turvallisuusjohtaminen 10 op
R0219 Service Business Management 5 op
SB00BK82 Service Business Project 1 15 op
SB00BK83 Service Business Project 2 15 op
SB00BK84 Service Business Project 3 15 op
SB00BK86 Service Business Project 5 15 op
SB00BK87 Service Business Project 6 15 op
SB00BK90 Service Business Project 9 15 op
SB00BK92 Service Business Project 11 15 op
SB00BK93 Service Business Project 12 15 op
SB00BK95 Service Business Project 14 15 op
R0353 Strategic Management Accounting 5 op
TO00BN70 Tieto- ja kyberturvallisuuden hallinta 10 op
HT00BN80 Varautuminen 5 op
R0123 Venäjän kielen perusteet 1 5 op
R0124 Venäjän kielen perusteet 2 5 op
TO00BN77 Ympäristöriskien hallinta 5 op