Post-enrolment for studies in autumn 2020 (studies in English)



In this stud offering you can find studies have still free study places after official enrolment period. Post-enrolment starts on the week which starts on Monday 25th of May 2020 (week 22) and the post-enrolment period is study unit/project specific. Additions to the study offering are made during week 22 as the number of enrolments on study units is checked.

The enrolment can be closed earlier if the implementation is full. Students will be accepted to the studies in the order of enrolment (prerequisities are taken into account, if neeeded) latest during the week that precedes the start of the studies.

See the studies implemented in Finnish in another study offering called "Post-enrolment for studies in autumn 2020 (studies in Finnish)".

Sisällön valinnaisuus

Valitaan erillisten kriteerien mukaan 0 - 0 op

V1533 Advanced Finnish 5 op
A9286 Bachelor's Thesis 15 op
V1606 Care of Clients with Chronic Illnesses 10 op
V1643 Constructive communication with Multicultural Clients 5 op
V1643 Constructive communication with Multicultural Clients 5 op
R0077 Developing Intercultural Competences 5 op
A9254 Digitaalisen kuvankäsittelyn perusteet 5 op
A9337 Discovering Tourism 5 op
R0340 Financial Analysis 5 op
TP00BQ99 Influencer Marketing 5 op
R0259 Intermediate Finnish 5 op
R0299 Kysyntälähtöinen toimitusketjun hallinta 10 op
R0327 Mediaelementtien suunnittelu ja toteutus 5 op
01440 Multicultural and Multidisciplinary Professional Competences 5 op
V1612 Participation and Well-Being at Different Life Stages 10 op
V1608 Professional Development in Practice II 15 op
V1617 Professional Development in Practice V 15 op
TO00BL12 Projekti: Web-sovelluksen kehitys JavaScript-kirjastojen avulla 5 op
R0239 Research and Development Methods 5 op
SB00BK82 Service Business Project 1 15 op
SB00BK83 Service Business Project 2 15 op
SB00BK85 Service Business Project 4 15 op
SB00BK86 Service Business Project 5 15 op
SB00BK88 Service Business Project 7 15 op
SB00BK90 Service Business Project 9 15 op
SB00BK91 Service Business Project 10 15 op
SB00BK92 Service Business Project 11 15 op
R0216 Service Design 10 op
R0256 Tehosta viestintääsi 5 op
TO00BN71 Työterveys, -turvallisuus ja laatu 10 op
R0094 Varhaiskasvatuksen pedagoginen osaaminen 10 op
R0123 Venäjän kielen perusteet 1 5 op
R0315 Web App Development with PHP/SQL 5 op
R0330 Web Content Management Systems 5 op
V1362 Wellness at Work 5 op