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Fundamentals of Subscription Economy (2 op)

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03.04.2023 - 09.04.2023


08.05.2023 - 14.08.2023


2 op


2 op


2 op




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  • Englanti


0 - 120


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Lassi Virtanen


  • Avoin AMK 1 (Koko: 15. Avoin AMK: 15.)


  • TON222SY
    Laurea täydentävä osaaminen (amk-tutkinto), S22, Tietojenkäsittely ja tietoliikenne (ICT)
  • CCN222SY
    Complementary competence (bachelor’s studies), S22, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)


  • Avoin AMK 1


The student is able to:
- explain what is Subscription economy and Software as a Service delivery model
- explain the implications of subscription economy in everyday life
- identify the role of metrics in a value creation process
- identify new business opportunities enabled by subscription economy
- apply an understanding of digital marketing to build growth


Virtual self-pace studies. Bi-weekly individual assignments and online discussions.

Oppimateriaali ja suositeltava kirjallisuus

All the material and links can be found from Canvas workspace.

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All students are entitled to demonstrate their competence. The recognition and accreditation of prior competence is initiated by the students themselves. The competence is recognised and accredited by the teacher responsible for the studies or another person designated to the position. The assessment is carried out according to the same assessment criteria and, as a rule, same grading scale as that adopted for the corresponding study unit or module. The student is entitled to apply for accreditation of prior competence regardless of where, how and when the competence has been acquired. The student may also seek accreditation of competence to be acquired on the job as part of their degree (work-based learning). The student is responsible for demonstrating and verifying their competence and for providing sufficient information.

Työelämäyhteistyö ja/tai TKI

Study unit contents done together with partner companies.

Toteutuksen tärkeät päivämäärät

A weekly detailed schedule will be released in the beginning of the course.

According to the degree regulations (section 18) “students must be active in the study unit or notify their teacher in charge if they cannot attend. If they fail to notify the teacher of their absence in the first contact session, their enrollment will be rejected.

Opiskelijan ajankäyttö ja kuormitus

- Study unit lasts for 10 weeks
- 2cr / 52 hours

Sisältö ja sen jaksotus

Study Unit consist of four modules:

- Introduction to Subscription Economy & SaaS
- Fundamentals of SaaS Companies
- Marketing & Sales
- Metrics

In addition you'll go through how to complete the study unit during the orientation module and you'll have the possibility to give feedback after the study unit.

Lisätietoja opiskelijoille

The subscription economy changes how we sell and buy services. Subscription economy is transforming businesses from one time purchases towards monthly payments and continuous value creation. Were not buying any more albums. Instead we pay a monthly subscription to services like Spotify or Apple Music. The same goes with movies (Netflix, Viaplay, AppleTV+, HBO, etc.).

You’re in the right place if you’re interested in understanding more about the subscription economy and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model.



Arviointimenetelmät ja arvioinnin perusteet

“The evaluation of competence is based on the descriptions of objectives in the curricula, and the level of competence is assessed according to the evaluation criteria listed in the implementation plan for the studies.” (Laurea degree regulations).

The study unit is graded with Aproved / Failed

Student needs to complete all the study unit modules to pass the study unit
- Module learning material
- Module discussions
- Module quizzes
- Additional tasks & material

Arviointikriteerit, hyväksytty/hylätty

Student needs to complete all the study unit modules to pass the study unit
- Module learning material
- Module discussions
- Module quizzes
- Additional tasks & material