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Professional Development in Practice 1. (7 op)

Toteutuksen tunnus: SN00BS26-3007

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01.04.2023 - 30.06.2023


7 op




Laurea Lohja, sote


Laurea Lohja


  • Englanti


20 - 40


  • Degree Programme in Nursing (SNF2), Laurea Lohja


  • Elina Pajakoski
  • Kirsi Halttunen


  • SNF222SN
    Degree Programme in Nursing, daytime studies, S22, Lohja


The student is able to
- follow the values and ethical principles in nursing care and the work community and assess how well these are followed in practice
- work in a collegial and responsible manner as a part of the work community
- make observations on the client’s basic needs, functional capacity, and changes in vital functions
- support the patient's functional capacity diversely and respond to their basic needs
- prepare a care plan and evaluate the care received by the client, taking the client's resources into consideration
- implement the basic test and procedures required monitoring vital signs as part of patient care and update the care plan accordingly
- implement medication treatment via enteral and local routes and injections under supervision
- document data on patient record and report orally on the client's condition and care
- implement aseptic techniques
- apply methods related to patient and occupational safety and data protection in their work
- act appropriately in a dangerous situation
- apply the principles of empowering presence and interactions in nurse-client communications
- assess their activities together with clients and develop their activities taking clients' experience into account
- assume responsibility for their learning during the placement
- analyse the development of their own competence during the placement and actively utilise feedback to support their development
- search for and present research data in a concise manner to support and develop patient care
- communicate their expertise in team and work communities in a convincing manner
- communicate orally and in writing in common nursing situations in Finnish


Theme: Responding to the patient's basic needs, patient and occupational safety.

LbD assignment during placement: Evidence-based nursing/Searching for information targeted at a phenomenon or problem in nursing work and formulation of clinical research questions:
- For example, PICO/PICoa/PCC, mind map or other chosen method.
- Searching and summarising research data and feedback from the communication’s teacher.




The student has actively participated in the study unit "Medication Treatment and Medication Calculations 1." and has passed the medication calculations prior to the clinical practice placement starts.