MOOC courses



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TO00BQ76 Adventure in the Health and Social Care Service Jungle 1 cr
TO00BR98 A Meaningful Life and a Motivating Job 1 cr
TO00BR97 A Valued Employee in Future Work Market 2 cr
TO00BS57 Basic Theory of Corporate Safety, Security and Risk Management 5 cr
TO00BQ74 Cost Consciousness 1 cr
TO00BU81 Fundamentals of Subscription Economy 2 cr
TO00BQ45 Healing Communication - a Method to Effective Client Encounters 5 cr
TO00BR63 Health and Social Services to Different Age of People 1 cr
TO00BU88 Identifying Human Trafficking in Security, Safety and Correctional Services 2 cr
R0297 Internet Business Models 5 cr
HY00BT31 Introduction to Data Economy 1 cr
TO00BQ73 Introduction to Finnish Social and Health Care Legislation 1 cr
TO00BQ75 Introduction to Service Design 1 cr
HY00BV13 Introduction to Service Design Process and Methods 2 cr
TO00BU91 Platform Entrepreneurship – Test and Make Money 5 cr
TO00BR99 Tools for Self-management 2 cr
TO00BU99 Wearable Technology in Measuring Functioning 2 cr