Study offerings

Compensatory virtual studies for spring 2020 (studies in Finnish)



Tähän tarjontakoriin päivitetään Laurean suomenkielisten AMK-tutkintojen opintoja, joissa on loppukevääseen 2020 ajoittuvia verkkototeutuksia.

Ilmoittautuminen tapahtuu Pakissa, HOPS -> Ilmoittautumiset.

Näitä loppukevään verkko-opintoja toteutetaan pääosin aikavälillä 18.3.-31.7.2020. Ilmoittautumisajat opintoihin ovat toteutuskohtaisia, ilmoittautuminen alkaa aikasintaan 17.3.2020. (not translated)






Select according to specific criteria

R0419 Basics of Programming with C++ 3 cr
R0190 Care of Clients with Chronic Illnesses 10 cr
A9526 Developing Smarter Cities 10 cr
R0265 Diverse Expertise 1 5 cr
R0191 English for Health Care 5 cr
R0032 English in Social Services 5 cr
R0205 Entrepreneurship 5 cr
R0311 Environmental Psychology 5 cr
R0127 Geriatrics 1 cr
R0405 Global Security and Well-Being 5 cr
R0147 Gynecology and Obstetrics 1 cr
TO00BQ45 Healing communication - a method to effective client encounters 5 cr
A9269 Intercultural Approach to Design Thinking 10 cr
R0215 Leadership and Management 5 cr
R0199 Leadership and Quality Management in Nursing 5 cr
R0194 Mental Health, Crisis Care and Substance Abuse Nursing 5 cr
R0310 New Ways of Working 10 cr
G8291 Nutrition as Support for Wellbeing 5 cr
R0420 Object-oriented Programming with C++ 3 cr
R0225 Participation in Voluntary Work 0 cr
R0135 Pediatrics 1 cr
R0307 Planning Facility Services 10 cr
R0170 Preparatory English 3 cr
R0171 Preparatory Swedish 3 cr
R0309 Procurement Process 10 cr
R0243 Professional Communication in English 5 cr
R0414 Programming with C 3 cr
R0415 Programming with C# 3 cr
R0417 Programming with PHP 3 cr
R0416 Programming with Python 3 cr
R0418 Programming with Ruby 3 cr
R0037 Promoting the Health of School Children and Students 5 cr
A9213 Public Procurement and Legislation 5 cr
R0313 Real Estate Management 5 cr
R0184 Research and Development Methods 5 cr
R0206 Responsible Management in the Work Community 5 cr
TP00BQ95 Ruuan ja juoman historia (not translated) 2 cr
R0216 Service Design 10 cr
TO00BN49 Sexuality - Everyone's Right? 5 cr
R0367 Social Work with Children and Young People 10 cr
V1663 Substance Use Prevention 5 cr
R0148 Surgery and Anesthesiology 2 cr
R0013 Swedish for Bachelors of Business Administration 5 cr
R0197 Swedish in Nursing 5 cr
R0017 Swedish in Social Services 5 cr
TP00BQ94 Syväsukellus mietojen alkoholijuomien maailmaan (not translated) 2 cr
V1664 The Basics of Criminology 5 cr
TO00BQ65 Wellbeing Work in Schools 10 cr