Study offerings

Post-enrolment for studies in spring 2020 (studies in English)



Available study units, in which there are still free study places, will be opened again for post-enrolment during the week which starts on Monday 2nd of December. The post-enrolment is study unit specific. The students will be accepted to the study unit according to the enrolment order and taking prerequisities into account latest before the study unit/project starts. Please check the amount of students who have enrolled to the implementation and the maximum ammount to conclude whether there are still places left.

See the studies implemented in English in another study offering called "Jälki-ilmoittautuminen kevään 2020 opintoihin (suomenkieliset opinnot) ".


Select according to specific criteria

R0083 Basics of Spanish 1 5 cr
R0084 Basics of Spanish 2 5 cr
R0261 Basics of Swedish 5 cr
R0344 Business Control 10 cr
R0355 Capital Budgeting 5 cr
R0256 Consolidate your Communication Skills 5 cr
V1643 Constructive communication with Multicultural Clients 5 cr
V1637 Creative Methods in Empowering Multicultural Clients 5 cr
R0379 Creativity and Activity-based Methods in Client Work 5 cr
A9219 Current Issues and Future Trends in Hospitality Field 5 cr
R0357 Enterprise Systems 5 cr
R0085 Finnish for Working Life 5 cr
V1633 Global Challenges and Possibilities within Social Services, Community Work and Client Counselling 5 cr
01464 Global Health 5 cr
R0320 Information Security Development Project 5 cr
R0319 Information Security Management 5 cr
R0385 Internet Infrastructure and Security 5 cr
R0233 Introduction to Finnish Language and Culture 1 5 cr
R0258 Introduction to Finnish Language and Culture 2 5 cr
R0089 Language and Culture Tandem 5 cr
R0301 Market Entry 10 cr
TP00BL97 Marketing Project 5 cr
R0410 Nursing of Patients in Intensive Care and Care Environment 5 cr
R0327 Planning and Implementation of Media Elements 5 cr
SB00BK88 Service Business Project 7 15 cr
SB00BK91 Service Business Project 10 15 cr
SB00BK97 Service Business Project 16 15 cr
SB00BK97 Service Business Project 16 15 cr
SB00BK98 Service Business Project 17 15 cr
V1613 Swedish in Nursing 5 cr
TO00BN88 Tourism Destinations Management 5 cr
R0315 Web App Development with PHP/SQL 5 cr