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3AMK language courses



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V1533 Advanced Finnish 5 cr
TO00BL60 Basics of Estonian 1 5 cr
R0117 Basics of French 2 5 cr
R0119 Basics of German 2 5 cr
R0123 Basics of Russian 1 5 cr
R0124 Basics of Russian 2 5 cr
R0084 Basics of Spanish 2 5 cr
R0261 Basics of Swedish 5 cr
R0256 Consolidate your Communication Skills 5 cr
R0255 Effective Organizational Communication 5 cr
R0078 Effective Spoken Communication in English 5 cr
R0085 Finnish for Working Life 5 cr
A9143 Intermediate Finnish 5 cr
R0233 Introduction to Finnish Language and Culture 1 5 cr
R0258 Introduction to Finnish Language and Culture 2 5 cr
R0089 Language and Culture Tandem 5 cr
R0250 Nätverka i Norden (Swedish Language Studies) 5 cr
A9132 Service-oriented Swedish 5 cr
R0013 Swedish for Bachelors of Business Administration 5 cr
R0096 Working Spanish 1 5 cr
R0097 Working Spanish 2 5 cr