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R0231 Business Environment in a Global Economy 5 cr
R0217 Corporate Social Responsibility 5 cr
A9526 Developing Smarter Cities 10 cr
R0218 Digital Service Business and Marketing 10 cr
V1547 Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance 5 cr
HT00BN81 Information and Cyber Security 5 cr
TO00BN70 Information and Cyber Security Management 10 cr
A9482 Management and Leadership 5 cr
R0288 Marketing Communications 10 cr
R0196 Participation and Well-being at Different Life Stages 10 cr
R0307 Planning Facility Services 10 cr
HT00BN80 Preparedness 5 cr
R0198 Professional Development in Practice IV 15 cr
R0184 Research and Development Methods 5 cr
TO00BN75 Risk, Safety and Security Management 10 cr
R0219 Service Business Management 5 cr
R0216 Service Design 10 cr
R0230 Understanding Customer Behaviour 5 cr