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HT00BN79 Basics of Corporate Safety, Security and Risk Management 10 cr
R0287 Brand Performance and Development 5 cr
TO00BN76 Business Continuity 5 cr
R0229 Business Processes 10 cr
R0217 Corporate Social Responsibility 5 cr
TO00BN74 Crime Prevention 5 cr
TO00BN73 Critical Infrastructure Protection 10 cr
A9526 Developing Smarter Cities 10 cr
R0255 Effective Organizational Communication 5 cr
R0311 Environmental Psychology 5 cr
TO00BN77 Environmental Risk Management 5 cr
TO00BQ68 Female-gender Specificity in Correctional Services 5 cr
R0304 Human Resources Management 10 cr
A9255 Implementing Visual Communication 10 cr
01491 Innovation Project II 10 cr
B0231 Labour Law 5 cr
R0288 Marketing Communications 10 cr
R0310 New Ways of Working 10 cr
TO00BN71 Occupational Health, Safety and Quality 10 cr
R0307 Planning Facility Services 10 cr
R0309 Procurement Process 10 cr
R0232 Profitable Business 1 5 cr
R0238 Project Management and Communication 5 cr
R0308 Property Management 5 cr
A9213 Public Procurement and Legislation 5 cr
R0313 Real Estate Management 5 cr
R0184 Research and Development Methods 5 cr
TO00BN75 Risk, Safety and Security Management 10 cr
TO00BN45 Robot and Chatbot Programming Basics 5 cr
TO00BL02 Sales and Managing Customerships 10 cr