Leppävaara, Business Information Technology (exchange students)



Studies suitable for exchanges students in Business Information Technology on the Leppävaara campus.


Select according to specific criteria

R0261 Basics of Swedish 5 cr
R0335 Building and Deploying Cross Platform Mobile Apps 5 cr
R0386 Contemporary Issues in Networking and Network Security 5 cr
R0217 Corporate Social Responsibility 5 cr
R0321 Cybersecurity 5 cr
R0218 Digital Service Business and Marketing 10 cr
TO00BL10 Dynamic Web Applications with Javascript 5 cr
R0078 Effective Spoken Communication in English 5 cr
R0079 Effective Writing in English 5 cr
R0319 Information Security Management 5 cr
A9269 Intercultural Approach to Design Thinking 10 cr
R0385 Internet Infrastructure and Security 5 cr
R0233 Introduction to Finnish Language and Culture 1 5 cr
R0318 Introduction to Information Security 5 cr
R0334 Introduction to Mobile App Design and Development 5 cr
R0089 Language and Culture Tandem 5 cr
A9482 Management and Leadership 5 cr
R0324 Network Security 5 cr
R0333 Project: Web App Development with a Javascript Framework 5 cr
TO00BN45 Robot and Chatbot Programming Basics 5 cr
R0219 Service Business Management 5 cr
R0216 Service Design 10 cr
R0330 Web Content Management Systems 5 cr