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Amk-opinnot/Bachelor's level studies
AV00BR70 Kurkistuskurssi: Kauneudenhoito ja kosmetiikka-ala (not translated) 2 cr
Kauneudenhoito- ja kosmetiikka-ala
TO00BO40 Introduction to Beauty and Cosmetics 5 cr
PK00BQ46 Basics in Chemistry 5 cr
PK00BQ47 Organic Compounds and Reactions in Cosmetic Chemistry 5 cr
Language studies in Finnish
R0084 Basics of Spanish 2 5 cr
Business Management and Business Information Techlology studies in Finnish
R0243 Professional Communication in English 5 cr
R0346 Investment Activities in Practice 5 cr
TO00BQ92 Entrepreneurship as a Part of Career 5 cr
AV00BR69 Sneak Peak: Foundations of Web Development 2 cr
YO00BJ04 Project 1 of Entrepreneurship Skills 15 cr
Matkailu- ja ravitsemisala
AV00BR65 Kurkistuskurssi: Restonomina nyt ja tulevaisuudessa (not translated) 2 cr
Nursing, Social services and Correctional services studies in Finnish
TO00BQ74 Cost Consciousness 1 cr
R0135 Pediatrics 1 cr
TO00BQ76 Adventure in the Health and Social Care Service Jungle 1 cr
TO00BR63 Health and Social Services to Different Age of People 1 cr
R0134 Internal Medicine 1.5 cr
R0171 Preparatory Swedish 3 cr
Nursing, Social services and Correctional services studies in English
01440 Multicultural and Multidisciplinary Professional Competences 5 cr
V1362 Wellness at Work 5 cr
R0365 Child Welfare 10 cr
V1530 Mental Health Care 5 cr
R0366 Social Work with Families 10 cr
Communication studies in Finnish
R0255 Effective Organizational Communication 5 cr
TO00BR97 A Valued Employee in Future Work Market 2 cr
TO00BR98 A Meaningful Life and a Motivating Job 1 cr
TO00BR99 Tools for Self-management 2 cr
YAMK-opinnot/Master's level studies
A9506 Co-Creation in Service Design 5 cr
Muu koulutus/Other education
V1530 Mental Health Care 5 cr
R0365 Child Welfare 10 cr
TO00BS22 Future Thinking and Foresight Comptentence 5 cr
AV00BS23 Co-creation in Business Development 3 cr
AV00BS24 Process and Methods of Service Design 4 cr
AV00BS25 Service Design Sprint 3 cr