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Spring term 2020 studies and schedules

Enrolment for open UAS students begins on 4th December 2019.


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Amk-opinnot/Bachelor's level studies
V1533 Advanced Finnish 5 cr
R0213 Developing Customer-oriented Business 10 cr
R0212 Competence in Customer Relationships and Projects 10 cr
R0231 Business Environment in a Global Economy 5 cr
R0217 Corporate Social Responsibility 5 cr
A9526 Developing Smarter Cities 10 cr
A9143 Intermediate Finnish 5 cr
R0233 Introduction to Finnish Language and Culture 1 5 cr
TO00BN72 International Security 5 cr
TO00BO40 Introduction to Beauty and Cosmetics 5 cr
R0215 Leadership and Management 5 cr
TO00BI89 Developing Leadership and Management 10 cr
R0214 Profitable Business 10 cr
TO00BN72 International Security 5 cr
V1547 Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance 5 cr
V1582 The Chemistry of Cosmetics 10 cr
V1583 Cosmetics Legislation 5 cr
R0397 Dietary Supplements in Cosmetics 5 cr
R0394 Cosmetics Brand 10 cr
V1664 The Basics of Criminology 5 cr
TO00BN76 Business Continuity 5 cr
R0209 Competence in Business 10 cr
A9482 Management and Leadership 5 cr
R0301 Market Entry 10 cr
R0288 Marketing Communications 10 cr
R0211 Legal Competence 5 cr
R0243 Professional Communication in English 5 cr
R0183 Project Management and Communication 5 cr
TO00BN74 Crime Prevention 5 cr
TO00BN75 Risk, Safety and Security Management 10 cr
R0219 Service Business Management 5 cr
R0216 Service Design 10 cr
R0018 Social Sector Service System and Social Care Legislation 10 cr
R0019 Exerting Influence in the Social Care Sector 5 cr
TO00BL95 Mediation and Restorative Justice 5 cr
R0013 Swedish for Bachelors of Business Administration 5 cr
V1584 Scientific Text Reading Skills 5 cr
TO00BN70 Information and Cyber Security Management 10 cr
HT00BN81 Information and Cyber Security 5 cr
R0307 Planning Facility Services 10 cr
R0184 Research and Development Methods 5 cr
R0097 Working Spanish 2 5 cr
B0231 Labour Law 5 cr
R0230 Understanding Customer Behaviour 5 cr
HT00BN80 Preparedness 5 cr
HL00BN46 Legal Competence 5 cr
R0210 Business Law 5 cr
HT00BN79 Basics of Corporate Safety, Security and Risk Management 10 cr
YAMK-opinnot/Master's level studies