Summer studies ,Bachelor Degree Programmes (teaching in Finnish)



In the study offering you will find Laurea's studies (Master Degree) which are implemented in Finnish during summer 2021.

Laurea's summer studies are implemented mainly between 1.5.-31.8.2021.

Enrolment period for Laurea summer studies is 5.4.-11.4.2021.




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Language studies
R0078 Effective Spoken Communication in English 5 cr
R0079 Effective Writing in English 5 cr
R0191 English for Health Care 5 cr
R0032 English in Social Services 5 cr
R0083 Basics of Spanish 1 5 cr
R0084 Basics of Spanish 2 5 cr
R0254 Communication Tools for Reputation Management 5 cr
R0243 Professional Communication in English 5 cr
R0197 Swedish in Nursing 5 cr
R0017 Swedish in Social Services 5 cr
R0256 Consolidate your Communication Skills 5 cr
R0171 Preparatory Swedish 3 cr
R0170 Preparatory English 3 cr
Sosiaali- ja terveysalan opintoja
R0363 Social Work with Adults and Social Guidance 5 cr
R0403 Special Characteristics of Acute Nursing 5 cr
R0158 Anatomy and Physiology 3 cr
R0426 Pharmacolygy 1.5 cr
G8371 Competence in Complementary Physiotherapy Methods 5 cr
R0127 Geriatrics 1 cr
R0405 Global Security and Well-Being 5 cr
R0199 Leadership and Quality Management in Nursing 5 cr
SF00BQ96 Pain Management in Rehabilitation  5 cr
R0425 Literature Therapy Methods 5 cr
R0148 Surgery and Anesthesiology 2 cr
R0370 Basics of Encounter Art 5 cr
TO00BO48 Promotion and Support of Mental Health of School-age Children and Young People 5 cr
TO00BQ74 Cost Consciousness 1 cr
V1551 Child Protection and Children as Victims of Domestic Violence 5 cr
R0367 Social Work with Children and Young People 10 cr
TO00BO49 Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health of Children and Young People 5 cr
R0365 Child Welfare 10 cr
R0135 Pediatrics 1 cr
TO00BR08 Pharmacological Care within Social Services 3 cr
R0194 Mental Health, Crisis Care and Substance Abuse Nursing 5 cr
R0390 Microbiology and Pathophysiology 1 cr
R0147 Gynecology and Obstetrics 1 cr
TO00BR33 Supporting Self-management in Outpatient Care 5 cr
R0366 Social Work with Families 10 cr
R0159 Psychiatry 1 cr
R0402 Nursing of Patients in Emergency Care and the Care Environment 5 cr
R0134 Internal Medicine 1.5 cr
TO00BL62 Clinical Special Situations in Oncology Nursing 5 cr
R0274 Digital Health Care Services Supporting Health Promotion 5 cr
R0268 Encountering Violence in the Workplace 5 cr
R0094 Pedagogical Competence in Early Childhood Education 10 cr
R0217 Corporate Social Responsibility 5 cr
R0218 Digital Service Business and Marketing 10 cr
R0215 Leadership and Management 5 cr
R0350 Consolidated Financial Statements 5 cr
LY00BT56 Project 14 of Competence in Business and Entrepreneurship 5 cr
R0216 Service Design 10 cr
R0346 Investment Activities in Practice 5 cr
R0348 Investment and Finance Literature 5 cr
B0231 Labour Law 5 cr
TP00BT57 Summer project: Customer centricity in Laurea school visits 3 cr
LY00BT56 Project 14 of Competence in Business and Entrepreneurship 5 cr
TP00BT43 Palvelumuotoiluprojekti – Naapurikahvit (not translated) 10 cr
A9165 Usability Testing and Evaluation 5 cr
A9254 Basics of Digital Image Editing 5 cr
TO00BN72 International Security 5 cr
TO00BN76 Business Continuity 5 cr
TO00BN74 Crime Prevention 5 cr
HT00BN80 Preparedness 5 cr
TP00BQ94 The World of Alcohol Beverages 2 cr
TP00BT34 Design Thinking Sprint on European Islands 5 cr
R0184 Research and Development Methods 5 cr
TO00BQ92 Entrepreneurship as a Part of Career 5 cr
TO00BR99 Tools for Self-management 2 cr