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Pharmacological Care within Social Services (3 cr)

Code: TO00BR08-3007

General information


22.05.2023 - 28.05.2023


01.10.2023 - 31.12.2023

Number of ECTS credits allocated

3 op

Virtual proportion

1.5 op

Mode of delivery

50 % Contact teaching, 50 % Distance learning


Laurea Tikkurila, sote


Laurea Tikkurila

Teaching languages

  • Finnish


20 - 80

Degree programmes

  • Sosionomikoulutus (SSV2), Laurea Tikkurila (Finnish)
  • Sosionomikoulutus (SSG2), Laurea Otaniemi (Finnish)
  • Sosionomikoulutus (SSP2), Laurea Porvoo (Finnish)
  • Sosionomikoulutus (SSF2), Laurea Lohja (Finnish)
  • Sosionomikoulutus (SSB2), Laurea Hyvinkää (Finnish)


  • Ulla Jauhiainen

Teacher in charge

Ulla Jauhiainen

Scheduling groups

  • Avoin AMK 1 (Size: 10. Open UAS: 10.)
  • Tutkinto- ja polkuopiskelijat (Size: 0. Open UAS: 0.)


  • TOS223SY
    Täydentävä osaaminen (amk-tutkinto), S23, Terveys- ja hyvinvointialat

Small groups

  • Avoin AMK 1


The student is able to:
- promote safety and health
- perform a situational assessment
- master the key concepts of pharmaceutical care
- master various forms of medication and handle medications appropriately
- be aware of their own responsibility in the provision of pharmaceutical care
- obtain additional information on medications
- know the principles of the occupational health service
- work in cooperation with experts in the occupational health service
- understand the organisation and operations of occupational safety and health
- use occupational health services in their work
- understand basic anatomy
- understand the functioning of the body in relation to pharmaceutical care
- understand disorders of the body.

Grading scale