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Diverse Expertise 2 (10 cr)

Code: R0266-3034

General information


29.11.2021 - 27.11.2022


01.01.2022 - 31.12.2022

Number of ECTS credits allocated

10 op

Virtual proportion

1 op

RDI proportion

2 op

Mode of delivery

90 % Contact teaching, 10 % Distance learning


Laurea Tikkurila, sote


Laurea Tikkurila

Teaching languages

  • Finnish


0 - 30

Degree programmes

  • Laurea täydentävä osaaminen, amk-tutkinto (TOS2), Terveys- ja hyvinvointialat


  • Kirsi Ronkainen
  • Riikka Ketonen
  • Marja Vellonen

Teacher in charge

Kirsi Ronkainen


  • TOS221SY
    Täydentävä osaaminen (amk-tutkinto), S21, Terveys- ja hyvinvointialat
  • TOS222SY
    Täydentävä osaaminen (amk-tutkinto), S22, Terveys- ja hyvinvointialat


The student is able to
- analyse and develop his or her expertise and keep it up-to-date in terms of the changing needs of social services and health care
- evaluate and develop his or her actions and the operation of the work community in multidisciplinary cooperation in different operating environments
- choose the appropriate methods to develop his or her expertise and justify those choices
- act as an expert in a self-directive manner