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Thesis (15 cr)

Code: R0045-3169

General information


01.01.2022 - 31.12.2022

Number of ECTS credits allocated

15 op

Mode of delivery

Contact teaching


Laurea Tikkurila, sote


Laurea Tikkurila

Teaching languages

  • Finnish


1 - 200

Degree programmes

  • Terveydenhoitajakoulutus (STY2), Laurea yhteinen (Finnish)


  • Anne Suvitie
  • Irene Latva-Korpela
  • Anne Hiller-Ikonen
  • Riikka Ketonen
  • Marja Vellonen

Teacher in charge

Salla Kivelä


  • STV221KN
    Terveydenhoitajakoulutus, päivätoteutus, K21, Tikkurila
  • STV220KN
    Terveydenhoitajakoulutus, päivätoteutus, K20, Tikkurila
  • STV219KA


The student is able to
- present justified suggestions for development in relation to working life
- conceptualize phenomena related to working life based on research results
- use proper research and development methods in order to produce new knowledge
- act in development projects cooperatively and in a responsible manner with working life and other partners
- evaluate personal activities and solutions critically
- understand concepts in an extensive scale and present topics logically and based on arguments

Grading scale


Further information

Thesis is graded by using the assessment criteria described in the thesis guidelines.