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(15 cr)

Code: HU00BV31-3003

General information


06.08.2022 - 04.09.2022


05.09.2022 - 18.11.2022

Number of ECTS credits allocated

15 op

Mode of delivery

Contact teaching


Laurea Leppävaara, service

Teaching languages

  • Finnish

Degree programmes

  • Security and Safety Auditing (UTA), Laurea Leppävaara


  • Rauno Hammarberg
  • Timo Ryynänen

Teacher in charge

Timo Ryynänen


  • UTA22SU
    Katakri pääauditoijakoulutus, täydennyskoulutus, kevät 2022, Laurea Leppävaara

Learning outcomes

The student is able to
- evaluate the areas of the security management system in accordance with Katkari's requirements and perform a risk assessment using different methods
- choose and dimension physical security measures in accordance with Katakri's requirements
- ensure the adequacy of security arrangements in electronic environments for classified information

Teaching methods

This is updating education and subject to charge.

The study unit consists of contact days, pre and development assignments and online guidance of those. Development assignment is mainly to be conducted in one's own organization. The assignment is to execute a real Katakri 2020 audit, which results can be useful for the target organization.

In study unit Canvas -learning environment and Zoom online meeting system are used.

Learning materials and recommended literature

Katakri 2020

Alternative completion methods of implementation

Initiative for RPL is to be taken by the student and by contacting the responsible teacher. The evaluation is to be conducted according to the same criteria as the study unit would normally be evaluated with. See Studentintra for further information. Skills and competences can be demonstrated with development task or other relevant project.

Co-operation with working life and/or RDI

The development task is to be conducted in one's own organization.

Important dates

Orientation day 5.9.2022

Contact days (T) 6. - 7.9.2022
Deadline for the development task (T) 5.10.2022

Contact days (F) 4. - 5.10.2022
Deadline for the development task (F) 26.10.2022

Contact days (I) 25. - 26.10.2022
Deadline for the development task (I) 25.11.2022

Forms of internationality

The learning materials are partially in English and some of the core materials are EU regulations.

Students workload

The total amount of student's work during this study unit is around 405 hours.

The total number of hours for the implementation of each subdivision (T, F and I) is 135 hours. Five hours is reserved for pre-assignment, 15 hours for contact days, 20 hours for self studying and participation in online guidance and 95 hours for development task.

Content and scheduling

Katakri is used when assessing security arrangements for company security clearance and assessing authorities' information system security. However, competence in Katakri audits maybe useful when developing one's own organization's security as well. The Katakri Lead Auditor education is a flexible education that utilizes today's teaching methods, where you develop your professional skills in security management, physical and technical security, and management of Katakri auditing.

During this study unit you will learn to interpret and apply the requirements of Katakri subdivisions and you will achieve the skills to verify and demonstrate the adequacy of security arrangements in reliable manner. This is a Master's level study unit.

Further information for students

The participant should mainly attend the contact days or notify the responsible teacher of his or her absence. In addition the development assignment is to be completed in time.

Grading scale


Evaluation methods and criteria

The evaluation of the study unit is based on development assignments.

Evaluation criteria, approved/failed

The participant is able to:

Knowledge base:
To gather, process, produce and evaluate information widely.
To use concepts of the area of expertise systematically.
Problem solving:
To solve problems in research, development and/or innovation activities.
To recognise and analyse focuses of development making use of the knowledge base.
To communicate clearly both orally and in writing