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Digital Marketing and Sales (10 cr)

Code: HL00BQ81-3026

General information


06.02.2023 - 12.02.2023


01.03.2023 - 31.05.2023

Number of ECTS credits allocated

10 op

Virtual proportion

10 op

RDI proportion

2 op

Mode of delivery

Distance learning


Laurea Leppävaara, liko


Laurea Virtual Campus

Teaching languages

  • English


40 - 105

Degree programmes

  • Liiketalouden koulutus (HLY2), Laurea yhteinen (Finnish)


  • Laura Sippel
  • Anna Nolvi

Teacher in charge

Anna Nolvi

Scheduling groups

  • Open UAS (Size: 10. Open UAS: 10.)


  • HLA222KA
    Liiketalouden koulutus, monimuotototeutus, K22, Leppävaara
  • HTA222KA
    Turvallisuuden ja riskienhallinnan koulutus, monimuotototeutus, K22, Leppävaara
  • HLA222KN
    Liiketalouden koulutus, päivätoteutus, K22, Leppävaara
  • NTA221KN
    Tietojenkäsittelyn koulutus, päivätoteutus, K21, Leppävaara
  • HLG222KA
    Liiketalouden koulutus, monimuotototeutus, K22, Otaniemi

Small groups

  • Open UAS


The student is able to
- analyze traffic in digital channels
- plan digital customer experience
- plan marketing and sales for digital channels
- use digital tools in marketing and sales
- apply regulations for digital business

Teaching methods

This is a eLearning course on the Canvas learning platform. The course can be completed at own pace (respecting deadlines, of course!) and from anywhere via internet during 1.3 - 30.5. You will familiarize yourself with Google and Hubspot certificates. Lecturer will guide you in discussion forum if any help needed.

Student must complete the orientation assignment on time to ensure his/her place in the course. Deadline for the orientation assignment is 14.3.2022

Learning materials and recommended literature

Information about the material is announced on the learning platform. In addition this book is needed:

Kotler P. , Kartajaya H., Setiawan I., Marketing 4.0 – Moving from Traditional to Digital, parts 4-7

Alternative completion methods of implementation

According to the degree regulations “all students are entitled to demonstrate their competence. The recognition and accreditation of prior competence is initiated by the students themselves. The competence is recognized and accredited by the teacher responsible for the module or study unit or another person designated by the director of the UAS unit. The assessment is carried out according to the same criteria and grading scale as that adopted for the corresponding study unit.” For further information visit Opiskelijaintra.

Co-operation with working life and/or RDI

Worklife skills and competences are built through achieving industry certifications during the course.

Important dates

The Canvas workspace will open latest on February 25th, 2023

Always check the learning platform for any changes in the schedule.

Students workload

One credit equals approximately 26.7 hours of work performed by the student.

Content and scheduling

The main themes in the course are:

- Digital Transformation
- Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
- Digital Marketing & Lead Acquisition
- Social Media Marketing
- Sales in Today's World
- Legal Issues
- Final Assignment - Digital Marketing and Sales Plan

In addition to assignments and quizzes you will accomplish industry certifications.

Further information for students

The study unit corresponds to the requirements of Bachelor's level education.According to the degree regulations (section 18) “students must be present in the first contact session or notify their teacher in charge if they cannot attend. If they fail to notify the teacher of their absence in the first contact session, their enrolment will be rejected. Another student in the queue may be enrolled in the study unit in the place of the absent student.” (Laurea degree regulations) In the case of online studies the lecturer can also specify some other way than participation on an online meeting what is required from the student so that he/she verifies his/her attendance on the study unit (Decision by the vice president, education 7/2019).

The quality of the study unit implementation has been assessed and the self-evaluation report is available in Canvas.

Grading scale


Evaluation methods and criteria

In assessment the Laurea level 2 criteria is applied.

In this course you collect points by earning them by completing tasks and certifications during the course.

Grading is based on points you'll get by returning the assignments. The grading schema is:

139 - 150 = 5
123 - 138 = 4
107 - 122 = 3
91 - 106 = 2
75 - 90 = 1
0 - 74 = Fail

To pass, you need to complete all the assignments. More details about assignment can be found from assignment pages. You can follow your study unit progress in the Grades page.

For the orientation, you need to deliver your assignment by the deadline. This is how you confirm your spot in this study unit. For the rest of the assignments you may return your assignments also after the deadlines. Just remember that there is a -20% "late fee" for assignments returned late.