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Professional Development in Practice 4. (15 cr)

Code: SN00BS42-3001

General information


28.11.2022 - 04.12.2022


31.01.2023 - 04.06.2023

Number of ECTS credits allocated

15 op

Mode of delivery

Contact teaching


Laurea Tikkurila, sote


Laurea Tikkurila

Teaching languages

  • English


20 - 30

Degree programmes

  • Degree Programme in Nursing (SNV), Laurea Tikkurila


  • Pamela Jokisalo
  • Marina Arvonen
  • Kati Saarinen
  • Johanna Saastamoinen

Teacher in charge

Kati Saarinen


  • SNV221SN
    Degree Programme in Nursing, daytime studies, S21, Tikkurila


The student is able to
- assess the need for care and services of patients in different life stages and situations and to support their functional capacity and resources
- plan, implement and evaluate nursing care of patients at different life stages (child, young person, older person, a pregnant woman and a woman who has given birth, vulnerable clients) using evidence-based information and recommendations
- apply client-oriented working methods to identify factors that increase vulnerability and improve client’s inclusion
- assess and develop their interaction skills and care relationship with different client groups in demanding client and interaction situations
- implement and assess safe medication treatment, taking the special characteristics of the patient into consideration
- assess the patient's needs from the perspective of sexual and reproductive health and to address related issues with the patient
- analyse and assess service paths for paediatric patients, families, elderly and patients with disabilities and propose solutions to improve the efficiency of care and support
- assess the success of multiprofessional cooperation and use it for the benefit of the patients and their significant others
- guide patients regarding their care (for example clinical nursing, home care guidelines, medication treatment, etc.) in Finnish


Theme: Evidence-based decision-making on clinical nursing in nursing of different age groups and vulnerable clients.

LbD assignment during placement: Evidence-based nursing
- auditing task/forming a clinical research question (e.g. PICO/PICoa/PCC)
- searching for research data, critical assessment and comparison of nursing practices, summarising conclusions and oral presentation in the practice environment.

Teaching methods

Clinical Practice 14 ECTS
- EU Directives: Home care and paediatrics

Maternity Care Directive1 cr
-Can be performed as part of clinical practice or by an assignment (Directive of Maternity Care orientation and seminar can be found in the schedule)


- Home care unit refers to the home care units of health care centres or private health care service providers, home hospitals, children's home hospitals, and acute home care
-Family nursing unit refers to the places mentioned below:
• Nurse receptions at health care centres. (Make sure patients are from babies to the elderly. Practice objectives should include pediatric nursing objectives.)
• Units for the care of children and adolescents (e.g. family centres, wards and outpatient clinics for children and young people, places of care for disabled people, school health care, student healthcare, and child health clinic (Neuvola)
• Maternity care units
• Gynaecological departments and outpatient clinics
• Organisations providing special support for children, young people and families (e.g. special education institutions, social welfare and child protection units, low threshold places)
• Reception centres for asylum seekers (children and/or families with children)
• Third Sector and Volunteering (e.g. Population Union)
and other suitable places

Alternative completion methods of implementation

Maternity Care Directive 1 ETCS
-Can be performed as part of clinical practice or by an assignment (Directive of Maternity Care -course orientation and seminar can be found in the schedule)

You can book your placement in any order you like:
1. Home care and 2. Pediatric nursing / 1. Pediatric nursing 2. Home care

Forms of internationality

It is possible to do clinical practice 4 abroad. Please see student intra for more information.

Students workload

Clinical practice 14 ECTS: 14x 27h = 378 h
- LbD- assignment, info
Maternity Care 1 ECTS: 1x 27h = 27h

Content and scheduling

Clinical practice

Further information for students

Previous studies before practice:
Modules I-III - mainly completed
SN00BS37-Nursing Care of Children, Youth and Families -completed
SN00BS41- Medication Treatment and Medication Calculations 4. -completed

Clinical practice in maternity care, home care and pediatric nursing has to be completed during nursing degree studies (EU Directive)

- A criminal record extract must be ordered and presented if in your clinical practice you will work with patients under 18 years of age. You can find instructions in the Canvas workspace “Degree Clinical Placement, Tikkurila".
- Vaccinations: Please make sure that your vaccinations are up to date. Whooping cough (pertussis) –vaccination DTaP (booster every 5 years, if working in placements caring for children under the age of 12 months.) You can find instructions in the Canvas workspace “Degree Clinical Placement, Tikkurila".

Grading scale


Evaluation methods and criteria

Evaluation criteria level 2

Evaluation criteria, approved/failed

Professional development in practise 14 ECTS:

Maternity Care 1 ECTS:
-Approved / Failed /Re-do


The student has actively participated in the study unit "Medication Treatment and Medication Calculations 4." and has passed the medication calculations prior to the clinical practice placement starts.